Electric vehicles (EVs) are electrifying the car-buying public due to their incredible efficiency, quiet operation and sophisticated performance. Nissan offers the Leaf EV, and sales of these vehicles continue to rise with the help of reasonable prices and generous tax credits. If you are interested in joining the green revolution, here are five benefits you should know:

  1. Fuel costs: Gasoline prices have bottomed and are rebounding. Tariffs and Middle East tensions will only make matters worse. Prices are near $3 per gallon, and if gasoline should approach $4 or more per gallon, you will save hundreds of dollars each year by owning an EV. With Americans averaging 11.5 years of keeping a car, owning an EV helps you weather future spikes in fuel prices.
  2. The Environment: Global warming has been hotly debated for a generation, but 2017 was the hottest year since they began keeping records, and it looks like 2018 will be worse. EV cars have zero emissions – just a little water vapor. Drive an EV and breathe easier.
  3. Federal Incentives: You can receive up to $7,500 in federal tax credits when you buy or lease an EV. That’s not a tax deduction, it’s a credit that reduces your taxes dollar for dollar. Some states offer incentives as well.
  4. Batteries: Battery technology has improved considerably in the last decade. Prices have dropped considerably in the last few years, and batteries have become more powerful, compact, safe and reliable.
  5. A Nissan EV is a Nissan: Nissan offers the Leaf EV, and it offers all the benefits you expect from a Nissan. That includes high construction quality, excellent reliability, top value, exceptional safety, efficient space utilization, great performance and leading resale value.

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