Nissan LEAF Outpaces Tesla Model S In Global Sales In 2016

​Nissan LEAF Outpaces Tesla Inc (TSLA) Model S In Global Sales In 2016

Published By News Desk at February 7, 2017 12:45 pm

Tesla’ Model S sedan was beaten out by the mass market electric city LEAF By Nissan in 2016 in terms of unit sales, as the broader industry grew at a record level

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) could not take the sales crown from Nissan’s all-electric LEAF again this year, as owing to the stiff autopilot hardware transitioning, Tesla could not ramp up sales enough to beat the cheaper offering.

Overall, Nissan LEAF bagged 51,882 unit sales in the US last year, followed closely by the Tesla Model S 50,944 unit sales. Chinese electric automaker BYD’s Tang bagged 31, 405 units while GM’s Chevy Volt totaled 28,296 unit sales for the year.

December marked the best month for plug-in vehicle sales across the world – taking the lead from mainly the US market that itself saw a 70% increase in sales in the month compared to the same period last year. Global plug-in sales in December grew 20% year-over-year to 103,527 vehicles. The month also marked the first time that the global plug-in vehicles industry posted unit sales in six figures.

For the full year, global plug-in sales spiked up 40% from 2015 to 74,284 vehicles although the overall market share for all-electric and hybrid vehicles still comprised only 0.85%.

The leading electric car manufacturer for the year turned out to be the China-based BYD, 100,183 unit deliveries, followed by Tesla which sold 76,243 Model S and Model X vehicles. World’s largest luxury automaker BMW came in at the third spot 62,148 unit sales in the 12-month period. Nissan – which bagged the accolade for the best-selling EV brand with its LEAF – came in at the fourth spot with 56,498 total plug-in vehicle sales in the year.

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